Green Garnet – 青宝石

Green Garnets on brown paperGreen Garnet is an inter-tidal oyster started in trays, and then grown out in cages over a mixed sand and mud bottom. They are individually hand harvested.


This oyster is available in two sizes: “Large” weighing approximately 9 kilograms/100 pieces; and “Select” weighing approximately 7 kilograms/100 pieces

In either size they have wonderful eating and shipping characteristics. Green Garnet meatGreen Garnets are grown in a particularly fertile tidal bay on the shore of the inner portion of Cape Cod. The flavor is an exceptionally bright mix of sweet adductor and rich minerals.

Green Garnet flatCage grown, they have excellent shell confirmation, as well as a very good shell to meat ratio. For full weight and packing details, please see the chart below.


Green Garnet Specification