Lucullus Trading LLC

Lucullus Trading is a shipper of top-quality live oysters intended for consumption on the half shell.  We are situated in the heart of the New England coast, the northeast most region of the United States.   Our excellent relationship with and easy access to the boutique aquaculture farms which raise these shellfish in the cold waters of the Atlantic (FAO Major Fishing Region 21) guarantees that we ship only the highest quality oysters; hand grown and hand selected.

The water temperature, together with the unique ecology of the region is well known among gourmets, to produce an exceptionally tasty and superior textured oyster.  All of our products are harvested and shipped to order to ensure absolute freshness.  Our offering of oysters is rotated seasonally; we only ship the freshest peak season product.

Our facility in Seabrook New Hampshire is run on a strict HACCP plan. We are fully export proficient.   Among our certifications we are listed on the FDA China Seafood Shippers Lists, and the CNCA Approved U.S. Seafood Shippers List.