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Our oysters are harvested to order and shipped live. This provides the consumer with the freshest possible eastern oyster for consumption raw on the half-shell.

Other factors such as demand, weather, and things going on at the farm will affect the availability of specific volumes. Booking air freight; making sure to conform with the rules which each country imposes on the importation of live product; and requesting the certificates which must accompany international shipments all affect the time and price of delivery. We work with the best forwarders in the business to get your oysters delivered safely and quickly.

Due to all of the above factors, we only sell to importers, distributors or others in the food service industry who are capable of working with us to obtain and provide our oysters to the end consumer, while also able to handle the product at the highest levels of safety and cleanliness possible.

Please contact us using the contact form on this site, and we will be happy to work with you – to develop the best process for purchase and delivery – one that is designed to conform to your business needs.

You might have noticed that this internet site does not have a shopping cart.

There are several reasons for that – the main one being that we supply to businesses, and have to establish an account for each business.  Although our focus is on exporting shellfish from the USA to other countries, we welcome inquiries from within the US.

We are unable to sell to individual consumers.

If you are an individual who is looking for oysters from the northeast USA, please mention us to your favorite retailer or restaurant – and please feel free to use the contact form on this site to let us know who they are. We will be happy to follow up and contact them.

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