Wild Clams

Clams cooked with scallionsWild Hard-Shell Clams (Mercenaria mercenaria), working with small local harvesters we offer hand dug clams. This means superior cleanliness and shell strength. These wild set clams grow in the intertidal and protected sub-tidal zones along the shore of New England.   All of the clams we offer are from the cold waters of New England.

In the wild product, we offer two sizes; “cherrystone” and “topneck”. Whole wild clamClams are sized by measuring the thickness at the hinge. Cherrystones are between 1.75-2” deep at the hinge, and weigh approximately 18 kilograms/100 pieces. They are more commonly eaten cooked.

Topnecks are between 1.25-1.75” deep at the hinge, and weigh approximately 11 kilograms/100 pieces.   Often served raw on the half-shell, topnecks can also be used in quick cooking techniques.     For complete packaging details, please see the chart below.

Wild Clam Specification