Crystal Cove – 水晶湾

Crystal Coves on sorting tableCrystal Cove oysters grown on the outer and easternmost edge of Cape Cod in a natural salt marsh that ebbs and flows with every tide directly into the north Atlantic. This unusual habitat makes for a very special product.

These oysters exhibit the best characteristics of both oceanic and intertidal zone oysters.   Their plump meats are bright and flavorful, filling out their sturdy and pretty shells. P1110757-apc

The grower is very selective and Crystal Coves have some of the best shell confirmation in the northeast, making them easy to open. They weigh approximately 7 kilograms per 100/pieces. With adductor muscles well exercised by their salt marsh environment,

P1110751-apcCrystal Coves handled properly have exceptional shelf and storing characteristics and ship very well. Shipping weights and counts per the following chart.