Clown Shoe – 小丑鞋

Clown Shoe - MeatClown Shoe is the largest oyster we offer.  Full of rich oyster flavor from its long slow grow out; as much as five years on the bottom of a protected bay south of Cape Cod. It is very rare to be able to offer a New England grown oyster of this size, and almost unheard of in a product of this quality. The shell has a pronounced deep cup, classic tear drop shape, pure white interior shell, and most importantly, fat rich meats.Clown Shoe - CupThe Clown Shoe is wonderful presented lightly cooked and dramatically served in the hefty shell or for use in hot pot or other quick cooking techniques. For the true connoisseur these are also delicious on the half shell.

Clown Shoe - FlatClown Shoe oysters are jumbo sized, and weigh approximately 23 kilograms/100 pieces. Complete shipping weights and counts per the following chart.