May Flower – 五月花

May Flower meatMay Flower oysters are grown on inter-tidal flats located in the middle of the premier oyster bay of the South Shore of Massachusetts. Although inter-tidal the grant is off shore and accessible only by boat. The oysters are started in a protected nursery system and then grown out directly on the nutrient rich silt bottom.

May Flower cupAll May Flowers are individually harvested by hand at low tide.  Known for their rich buttery flavor and crisp succulent texture, the best chefs and most discriminating diners prize these oysters. They have a classic rounded tear shaped shell, with fluting and light purple exterior coloring.

May Flower flatSized in the select range, they weigh approximately 6.5 kilograms per 100. With adductor muscles well exercised by their inter-tidal environment, May Flowers handled properly have exceptional shelf life and storing characteristics and ship very well. Shipping weights and counts per the following chart.

May Flower Specification