Osprey – 海鹰

Osprey capOspreys hail from our home state of New Hampshire, and Lucullus Trading is sole exporter. These wonderful oysters are grown on a shallow but sub-tidal grant where they are started using racks & bags and then grown out in cages in New Hampshire’s Great Bay. They are hand harvested.

These are estuarine oysters with a pleasant balance of salinity and a robust mineral finish. Folks who like “Belon” oysters will love the flavor of Ospreys. Their full meats have a naturally light grey tone, and the cups are a very clean and consistently shaped elongated tear drop with a beautiful tan color. Truly a connoisseur’s oyster.Osprey flat

Size and weight specifications fluctuate a bit during the season, but for averages, please see the chart below.


Osprey Specification