Little Gem – 肥宝贝

Little Gem, a true “petite” oyster grown slowly in a deep water section of a grant on the south side of Cape Cod. After leaving their nursery bags they are entirely sub-tidal. These oysters are drag harvested in small batches with great care.

Small but powerful Little Gems have full plump meats with the characteristic sweet adductor complementing rich crisp meats. These oysters are given the time to develop deep cups and strong shells which make them excellent raw bar stock. A fabulous oyster to use as an introduction to chefs and consumers who are new to either the eastern oysters or to half-shell presentation.

Little gems weigh approximately 4.5 kilograms/100 pieces. And measure a consistent 2.75”-3”, as measured on the flat side from hinge to tip. Full shipping weights and counts per the following chart.


Little Gem Specification