Jade Shoals – 玉浅滩

Jade Shoals meatJade Shoals are grown in a fully sub-tidal environment. The oysters are started in bags and then moved to rest on a mixed mud and rock bottom. There they slowly grow out in the cool waters of a protected grant on the south shore of Cape Cod. Jade Shoals are drag harvested in small batches.
Jade Shoals cup

This oyster is available in two sizes: “Large” at approximately 11 kilograms/100 pieces; and “Select” at approximately 8.5 kilograms/100 pieces. In either size, the Jade Shoals oyster has both a strong deep cupped shell and very full plump meat. The taste is slightly briny with bright hints of mineral and a sweet adductor muscle.

Jade Shoals flatThe sturdy shell has a light tan and green exterior, and a pure white interior. Jade Shoals travel well, and are shipped in cartons with a full 1” (2.54 cm) of Styrofoam insulation. Shipping weights and counts per the following chart.

Jade Shoals Specification